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Don't give up 25-30% of your donations

Gone. Gone! & Gone!!!

Need for an army of parents... Gone.
Unprofitable fundraisers... Gone!
Annoying time-wasting hassles... Gone!!!

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   How It


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Why It




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We've helped thousands of groups raise money faster and easier.


Avoid the mistakes that cause poor fundraising results and frustrating hassles. Eliminate the work and the army of parents it takes to raise thousands of dollars.

Our decades of experience and completely turn-key Fundraising Program take all the guessing out of your success.

Our program is a friendly competition that drives fun and fills your group's pockets with money.

Our game approach is backed by technology to reach more people and accept donations easier, while everyone works less... in less than 2 weeks.

High Schools

Middle Schools

Elementary Schools

Youth Sports

Serving Academics, Athletics, and the Arts


We offer specially designed fundraising programs for the following groups. 

  • High School and Middle School Sports Teams

  • High School and Middle School Arts and Academic Groups and Clubs

  • Elementary and Middle School-wide Fundraisers

  • Youth Sports Teams, Clubs, and Leagues

What They're Saying


"No fundraiser that I’ve done is like yours, and honestly, your fundraisers have brought in the most money for us. So, basically, you guys ROCK!"                      - Mindy, AVID Coordinator


"Our school desperately needed to make more money.  Propel's program was a breath of fresh air that motivated our students, staff, and families. We doubled our money and it was so much easier."  

                                                                                         - Karen, PTC President


"Coaches, follow the program to the T, it works. Thank you Propel for helping us start our season on the right foot."                                                                   - Larenzo, Football Coach

Youth Sport Teams and Leagues fundraising
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