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"My  fundraising consultant takes the time to get to know the needs of our program and supplies us with products that people actually want."

                                 - Michael, Wrestling Coach

Your ​Propel

Fundraising Consultant

helps you ​select 

the best product for

your needs.

All products meet our standards.

The lion’s share of the profit goes to your program​.

Propel's Product Standards

Each product is an enjoyable thank you to your consumer​.

Easy for kids and families to explain and sell​.

Mobile Discount 

Custom-made local discounts including national discounts right on your phone. Sell these anywhere in the nation.

Consumable Products

The hIgh quality, high value products your family, friends, and community love!

High quality and offered in an assortment of designs including a custom design for your group. 




An alternative to product sales, this fundraiser is easy and can be added to product sale or stand alone. 

Top Selling Consumable Products
Discount Card Products
Tumbler Cups Fundraiser
Cash Rebate Fundraiser
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