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"I'm hit up all the time for fundraisers but I stick with Propel year after year because their system is easy, it's proven, and the results are consistent every time."

                                          - Todd, Football Coach


The 3 Reasons4
Propel's Game Plan Fundraising Program Works


Our World Has Gone Mobile​

If you're still fundraising with paper order forms or plastic discount cards you're doing it the old, outdated way.

Propel Fundraising is leading the way in technology with state-of-the-art mobile fundraising.

Our fundraising solutions are driven by mobile technology and can be accessed by smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

As a result, kids are more engaged and groups are raising more money than ever with far fewer hassles.​​

Game Plan

Go With A Proven Solution

Propel's step-by-step fundraising program is the most complete plan for success in fundraising.

By following our program the fundraising organizer spends less time and makes more money. 

Trial and error is THE #1 killer in fundraising. 

Don't waste time.
Don't deal with frustration.
Every dollar and every donation is valuable. Maximize your fundraising time with Propel's proven program.


With You Every Step of the Way

Your Propel Fundraising Consultant IS the difference. Your success is his success so he becomes part of your team in raising funds.
You'll enjoy a trained professional that walks you through our fundraising program to ensure success every year. He explains everything from how to run the fundraiser to how to address your kids and families and everything in between. 

Stop going it alone.

Stop guessing what works.
Make your life easier with a Propel professional.

Contact Our Fundraising Consultant Today 
To learn how to make fundraising easier.

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