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"Propel is our biggest fundraiser of the year because our Fundraising Consultant showed us when to fundraise, how, and which products work best for us. No more car washes for my team!!!"

                                                - Tonya, Cheer Coach

A Message From Our Founder

As a parent of three children... I get it!  Believe me, I get it!


I started Propel Fundraising because of my love for sports and education.  The secret behind our success simply boils down to EXPERIENCE.  Our proven programs help the groups we serve avoid the fundraising mistakes that stem from the logical approach to fundraising.  Our motto: Experience Overrides Logic.


We tackle all the hassles you hate about fundraising to make it easier and more profitable.  And, we guide and coach you toward success every step of the way.


If you want to cut down the amount of fundraising you do and still earn the money you need, Propel Fundraising is here to help.



Darrin Guttman

Darrin Guttman

Founder & Fundraisng Coach


Our Mission

To reduce the amount of fundraising in communities by educating the groups we serve on the easiest way to raise money and then back it with the industry's most hassle-free fundraising program.

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We'll show you how to make your fundraising easier.

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