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Our Online and Mobile Donation Platform Offer You More!

More Choices!

More Money!


Donation Fundraisers are an alternative to product sale fundraisers and Propel has two options to choose from. 

Our Fundraising Consultant helps you understand which option is best for your needs and fundraising goals.

Donations fundraisers are simple!

Our state-of-art technology allows you to fundraise from your mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

Through our app, you simply reach out to your family, friends, and supporters to ask for their help. Your supporter easily and safely makes a donation with their credit or debit card through our secure platform. Coaches, kids, and family members never see their supporter's credit card information at any time.

Two Donation Options

  1. Stand-Alone Donation Fundraiser.​​

  2. Donation & Product Combo Fundraiser.

    • Add a donation to your product sales to give prospects a choice of purchasing a product or giving a straight donation.

Contact Our Fundraising Consultant Today 
To determine if a donation fundraiser is best for you.

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