Our online and mobile donation platform offers you more!

Only Propel Fundraising gives you 90% Profit.


While other companies take 25-30% or more of your donations, a partnership with Propel Fundraising offers you 90%.  

Now you can raise donations with your mobile phone, desk top computer, and tablet.  Feature a personalized video of your group along with a description of your fundraising objective.  

With a simple click, your friends, family, and community members make a tax deductible donation.  

  • Great for Teams and Clubs

  • Start or Add Online and Mobile Donations to your A-Thon Fundraiser

  • Personalized Participant Pages

  • Complete Real-Time Reporting on Your Phone or Computer.

What coaches, teachers, and fundraising organizers are saying

We used to do too many fundraisers.

For years we did 5-6 fundraisers a year. With Propel's program, we ran only 2 and raised more money with less work.

Propel's plan worked perfectly.

We were able to do our donation fundraiser as our 2nd fundraiser and raise more money this year than ever.  

We received donations from everywhere.

Our donation fundraiser allowed us to raise money from friends and family out of our area.