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Fundraising Has Evolved!


If your group is still selling paper and plastic cards...

Your life is about to get a whole lot easier!

Fundraising made simple.

  • No more plastic discount cards.

  • No more collecting (and losing) cash.

  • No more being confined to selling only in your community.

Our World Has Gone MOBILE

Introducing Propel Fundraising's Mobile Discount Card. 

Full of local and nationwide discounts that are all found right on your mobile phone. Your participants will never lose their cards again. And, your supporters will always have their discounts on the phone for convenient money savings.

Cheer - cell phone.png

Your Team/Group
Name and Logo

People Love Their
Local Hot Spots

Nation Brands That
Everyone Recognizes

Contact Our Fundraising Consultant Today 
To determine if our mobile discount card is best for you.

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