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"Propel's expertise and guidance has made it possible for our program to accomplish all of the special events we need to stay competitive in the Sacramento area.  Thanks Propel."

                                         - Dave, Volleyball Coach

 It Starts With Your


       Your consultant guides you every step of the way to     
       eliminate hassles, make life easier, and make your   
       program a whole lotta money.
Propel's Game Plan Fundraising Program


Our proven fundraising program takes the guessing out of what works and what doesn't.

We'll Help You Pick the Prefect Product

Our Fundraising Consultant's experience take all the guessing out of what works and what doesn't.

Technology Platform

Fundraising has evolved.

Our Fundraising Consultant walks you through our mobile fundraising platform, how your participants register and use the application, and how you use our technology to motivate and guide your team to victory.

Make More Money in Less Than 2 Weeks

We keep motivation high by running a short fundraiser.  Your group gets in, gets out, and enjoys your profits.

THERE IS NEVER ANY RISK!  Nothing to buy and no up front costs.  You simply profit on what your group produces.

Money & So Much More!

Your group will also benefit from lessons in:

​   • Teamwork​
   • Structure and Discipline​
   • Leadership​
   • Not quitting until the job is

     done and the mission is

   • Rewards for success

The Bottom Line

Earn More Money Easier

Do Less Fundraisering

Enjoy More Extracurricular Activities

Contact Our Fundraising Consultant Today 
To learn how to make fundraising easier.

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