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An Experienced Consultant


"Zero costs made this fundraiser a no-brainer the first year. Consistent success year after year keeps us coming back.

                         - Javier, Band Director

How is Propel Fundraising different?



Propel's 2 Key Differentiators

  1. Our proven fundraising program

  2. Our experienced fundraising consultant

The Old Way of Fundraising is Gone... LONG GONE!

There are many ways to fundraise and most of them are too time-consuming, require too many man-hours, and in some cases, are not profitable.

Furthermore, many fundraising companies make you buy products upfront or have minimums that cause you to lose money, or even, take a loss on your fundraiser.

"If a fundraising company makes you buy products upfront, don't walk away... RUN!"

                                                                       - Charles, Band Director


Our state-of-the-art platform and proven Game Plan guarantee the following to ensure you maximize your fundraising efforts with no worries.

  • No upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses of any kind.

  • Kids never carry around (or lose) cash.

  • No bounced checks.

  • No messy order forms.

  • No laborious ASB paperwork and audits.

  • No running around town delivering products.

  • No big events that require an army of helpers.

Our partnership philosophy is simple...

  • We supply the proven plan for success.

  • We all prosper together.

  • Your group comes first.

  • You take the lion's share.

  • You have No Risk.

  • We have to prove our value year after year.

This philosophy is the reason that thousands of groups have raised millions of dollars with our program.

To Guide You To Fundraising Success You Never Imaged Possible.

Contact Our Fundraising Consultant Today 
To learn how to make RISK-FREE fundraising easier.

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