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Don't waste time

with low profit fundraisers when you can

Raise $9,000

in just 10 days

Or ​


You can't get to camp

on car washes, bake sales and pancake breakfasts.

The new cheer season is starting soon.  Let Propel Fundraising help you get off to a strong financial start.

Only Propel offers a complete, step-by-step, proven fundraising program for cheer teams.


The results speak for themselves:

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This team raised $9,000 in just 10 days

The coaching staff followed our Game Plan Fundraising Program to the tee and as a result 41 cheerleaders exceeded the coaches goal and raised over $3,000 more than last year.


This team raised $11,610 in just 10 days

49 cheerleaders averaged over $235 in profit per participant making this coaching staff and parents very, very happy.  Running the Game Plan Fundraising Program at the right time of the year paid off beyond the coaches expectations.


This team raised $10,280 in just 10 days

Two years ago, this team raised $8,100 and last year they met their goal of surpassing $10,000 in profit.  This was an amazing kick-off to a great cheer season!


This team raised $9,870 in just 10 days

This was the first year we worked with this dynamic team of overachievers.  Next year they plan to blow right by $10,000 in profit.  We look forward to helping them do just that!


This team raised $8,920 in just 10 days

This first year team not only raised close to $9,000 in our 10-day sale, they also brought in over $6,000 in donations for a total of $15,000 profit in the first few months of their season.  Ask us about donations!


This team raised $7,270 in just 10 days

Yet another big success story.  This team raised over $4,300 their first year and over $7,200 last year, confirming how well our proven Game Plan Fundraising Program works and how much fun success can be.  


This team raised $8,480 in just 10 days

Raising over $8,000 in profit pleasantly surprised everyone--except us!  The coaches followed the simple steps of our Game Plan Fundraising Program and ended up with the easiest fundraiser they ever ran.

How our proven Game Plan Fundraising Program works



The first step of success of the Game Plan Fundraising Program is running your fundraiser at the right time.  

Our fundraising coach helps you select the best dates to fundraise.  Everything we do to guide our coaches and teams is based on decades of experience and national fundraising statistics and results.



Our step-by-step program takes all the guessing out what works and eliminates costly trial and error from new ideas that don't work.

Every step of our Game Plan Fundraising Program is designed to make fundraising easier and more profitable.

Our secret sauce is the fun and friendly competition we create that drives higher participation and greater sales and profits.


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Notice how the product is third on our list of important factors for fundraising success.  The reason it's third is the product is important, however, how you run your fundraiser is where your money is made.

Our products are tested, tried and true for fundraising success.  Our products offer a good value to the consumer as a thank you for their support.  Your friends and family will be happy with the product they receive for their donation.

Furthermore, the largest slice of the profit pie goes to your team with every product we offer.

We are scheduling cheer fundraisers NOW!

Our friendly and knowledgable fundraising coach

is ready to show you how to make fundraising easier.

We love our cheerleaders from bow to toe!
    Don't wait,
learn more today.
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