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 It's Not a Fundraiser.



...That raises a ton of money.

The Problem... Too Much Work

Parents, teachers, and administrators work far too hard to raise money.

Too few volunteers have to do too much work.

The Goal...

Raise enough money in 1 or 2 fundraisers

So you don't have run one

after another... after another

The Key to Success...


Participation is driven by...


We have changed the fundraising game

By making it a game!

Why Our Program Works

Our fundraiser brings out the best in elementary school students because it's catered perfectly to their age group.  Our game engages them in a fun and friendly competition that drives up participation while teaching a valuable life lesson.

Parents, teachers, and adminstrators love how the Propel team makes the fundraiser so easy.  No need for an army of parents to make a boatload of money.

School Wide Fundraiser

An engaging 10-day game in which the entire school participates.  Teachers, administrators, staff, and families play to win and watch the profits pile up.

Overnight Camp Fundraiser

Forget all the little and unnecessary fundraisers that are nothing but a hassle. Our fundraiser for camp is fun and profitable.  Raise thousands of dollars in just 10 days.

   Learn More from our friendly Fundraising Coach
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