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Compete, travel, equip, and more... EASIER!

All the Work, All the Hassles Removed

Your group needs to raise money, but you're not sure how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Our Step-by-step fundraising program removes all questions & hassles. 

The Goal...

Raise enough money in 1 or 2 fundraisers

So you don't have run one

after another... after another

The Keys to Success...

remove hassles 

maximize participation

make fundraising easier!

We have changed the fundraising game

By making it a game!

Why Our Program Works

We've created a tailor made fundraising program for each  group we serve.

Message on-point for high school students

Service makes fundraising easier

Raise big dollars in just 10 days!

Our programs start with an understanding of where high school teenagers are in life.  What motivates them now is different than when they were in middle or elementary school.  Our messaging to the students resonates, and therefore, motivates.


Each group on campus has a different culture and environment.  What motivates a boys sports team does not directly apply to a co-ed academic group like AVID or Speech and Debate. 

Our underlying theme and message of "playing the game" works for every human, but how it's delivered, and how the game is played is structured specifically for the group we're serving.

Finally, our service makes all the difference for the organizers.  The coaches, teachers, and boosters enjoy the support, guidance and hands-on management of our Fundraising Coach.  

More money is raise with far less work and hassles.  


Our job is done when you say "that was the easiest fundraiser we ever ran."

Sports Teams Fundraiser

Equipment, fields and courts, travel, entry fees, coaches, and uniforms are just some of expenses our schools and districts cannot afford to cover.  Propel's Game Plan Fundraising Program makes fundraising easier and more profitable with little-to-no need for parent volunteers.

Cheer Teams Fundraiser

Being one of the most expensive sports on campus causes cheer teams to fundraise far more than they should.  Our program is designed to show cheer squads how to get the most out of their time fundraising so they can cut out 2-5 fundraisers per year.

Competitive Academic Teams Fundraiser

Speech and debate, Academic decathlon, mock trail and more fundraise for entry fees and travel.  Our program walks you through the easiest way to earn money, in the least amount of time, so your students time can be spent on the more important things, like grades.

Academic Programs Fundraiser

Programs like AVID are vital for high school students with aspirations for college.  Visiting college campuses and professional guidance are priceless, and yet, costly! Our fundraising program is design specifically for AVID by using the AVID curriculum as part of the fundraiser.  We take pride in doing our part to help 100's of AVID  students, and their families, realize the dream of college.

Arts Programs Fundraiser 

From marching bands, to choir, to the entire music department, our program concentrates on raising large sums of money to allow programs to reduce the amount of fundraising.  We've eliminated the need for an army of parents that give up countless hours to fund the needs of music groups.  

The Science of Fundraising
For High School
The Game is structured specifically for each group listed on the left.
Our tone, expectations and delivery engage and motivate high school teenagers.
is On
The 10 day game is a fun and competitive activity focused on teamwork, work ethic, and the effort necessary to succeed. 
Our Fundraising Coach guides and manages every aspect of our step-by-step program, making life easier for the organizers.
   Learn More from our friendly Fundraising Coach
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