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Meet With a K-8 Fundraising Specialist

We Promise...
     To give you 2 New Strategies
           That will immediately improve your fundraising...
         Even if we never do business together
Elementary and middle schools face a fundraising challenge:
  • Teachers and adminstrators are burnt out.
  • Parents feel nickel and dimed.
  • It seems like there are no new ideas.
We have a solution... new ideas... and a promise!
Our Solution:
We built a better mousetrap!  Our proven fundraising program, called The Game Plan, for elementary and middle schools helps you:
  • Earn more money with less time fundraising.
  • Do away with unnecessary fundraisers.
  • Eliminate the hassles that burden teachers and administrators.
Our step-by-step program is guided by our Fundraising Coach to offer the industry's most complete, and hassle-free service.  
Our Promise
Meet with our Fundraising Coach for 30 minutes and we promise... 
You will walk away for 2 NEW FUNDRAISING STRATEGIES
that will IMMEDIATELY improve your fundraising... 
even if we never end up working together.

As it says on every page of our website, you will NEVER experience "sales guy" pressure from our company.

Call or email our Fundraising Coach right now!

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