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The Fundraising Event with


The Old Way No Longer Works

The days of simply asking students and families to sell a catalog of stuff are gone.

Raising money for your school is a whole different game these days.

The Goal...

Raise enough money in 1 or 2 fundraisers

So you don't have run one

after another... after another

The Key to Success...


We have changed the fundraising game

By making it a game!

Why Our Program Works

Our fundraiser is a fun game designed with an understanding of middle school aged students.  They aren't the children they were in elementary school and they're not yet the young adults they'll be in high school.  

Our fundraiser is a fun, active, and engaging game suited perfectly for middle school students.  

School Wide Fundraiser

An engaging 10-day game in which the entire school participates.  Teachers, administrators, staff, and families play to win and watch the profits pile up.

Music Departments Fundraiser

The fun peaks when classes go head-to-head in an engaging game that generates more money in just 10 days than any other fundraiser.  We'll show you how the cut out 2-3 fundraisers that you'll no longer need.

Academic Programs Fundraiser

Programs like AVID are vital for students with aspirations for college.  Visiting college campuses and professional guidance are priceless, and yet, costly!  Our fundraising program is design specifically for AVID by using the AVID curriculum as part of the fundraiser.  We take pride in doing our part to help 100's of AVID  students, and their families, realize the dream of college.

Sports & Cheer Teams Fundraiser

Raising money for uniforms, equipment and competitions has never been more fun... or profitable.

   Learn More from our friendly Fundraising Coach
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