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Raise $8,000

in just 10 days

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How much music would you buy if money wasn't an issue?
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New Instruments

Instrument Repairs





Chairs & Stands

& More

All costs lots of money 

Propel's step-by-step fundraiser has helped middle school music programs raise tremendous amounts of money with less hassles and less time fundraising.  
  • We're helping teachers spend more time teaching music.
  • We're helping students spend more time learning music.
  • We're helping families enjoy the music with less fundraisers to do each year.
Introducing our proven step-by-step formula for easy success:
Our results speak for themselves:
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This program raised $8,940 in just 10 days

This music director is loved by his students and the feeling is mutual.  He and his students had a great time with our Game Plan Fundraising Program.  They focused on the game and made a lot of money doing it.

Music - Logo Woodland Schools.jpg

This program raised $8,885 in just 10 days

The Woodland middle school music programs work together and the competition helped them raise a profit of close to $9,000.  

Music - Logo Mitchell Middle School_01.P

This program raised $8,720 in just 10 days

This music program just completed their 3rd Propel fundraiser.  The first year they weren't very optimistic, but committed to running our program.  They reached their goal in the first half of the fundraiser and they've never looked back.

Music - Logo Barrett MS_02.jpg

This program raised $8,425 in just 10 days

They say you can't fundraise at a Title 1 school.  Don't tell these teachers and kids that.  They decided to "give it a try" and pleasantly surprised themselves as they reached profits they never thought were possible.

Music - Logo - Carson.jpg

This program raised $8,260 in just 10 days

This first first year music program consisted of band and choir.  They never dreamed of raising over $8,000 in a 10-day fundraiser, but now that they have they're ready to set their sites even higher.

Music - Logo Johnson.jpg

This program raised $7,325 in just 10 days

This music director tried every fundraiser under sun in his long career.  He loved The Game Plan Fundraising Program concept and bought in completely.  This lead to the most fun and most profitable fundraiser of his entire career.

Music - Logo Cubberley.jpg

This program raised $7,170 in just 10 days

This smaller music program has less than 100 students, however, they followed the Game Plan and exceeded every benchmark to raise over $7,000 to the delight of their music teacher and families.

How our proven Game Plan Fundraising Program works



The first step of success of the Game Plan Fundraising Program is running your fundraiser at the right time.  

Our fundraising coach helps you select the best dates to fundraise.  Everything we do to guide our music directors and their class is based on decades of experience and national fundraising statistics and results.



Our step-by-step program takes all the guessing out what works and eliminates costly trial and error from new ideas that don't work.

Every step of our Game Plan Fundraising Program is designed to make fundraising easier and more profitable.

Our secret sauce is the fun and friendly competition we create that drives higher participation and greater sales and profits.


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Notice how the product is third on our list of important factors for fundraising success.  The reason it's third is the product is important, however, how you run your fundraiser is where your money is made.

Our products are tested, tried and true for fundraising success.  Our products offer a good value to the consumer as a thank you for their support.  Your friends and family will be happy with the product they receive for their donation.

Furthermore, the largest slice of the profit pie goes to your music program with every product we offer.

We are scheduling fall 2019 fundraisers NOW!

Our friendly and knowledgable fundraising coach

is ready to show you how to make fundraising easier.

Let's make beautiful music together!
    Don't wait,
learn more today.
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