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“If you want to make a lot of money,

and do it quickly, this is the way to go.

                                                                                                    - Mr. Packheiser, 5th Grade Teacher

Raise $5,000 in Just 10 Days


Car washes and bake sales and pancake breakfasts... oh my!

If you're tired of fundraisers with lots of work for very little profit, we have the answer to make your life easier.

How our proven fundraising program works

It's all about the 3 P's


Our 10-day program is a complete, proven, step-by-step fundraising system, including our proprietary Game Plan and all the materials needed for success.

Like all of our programs, our fundraiser is a product sale, but our secret sauce is the game we play with the students to entice participation and drive big profits... very quickly. 


At the end, the students will enjoy the fun and friendly competition, the families will spend FAR LESS TIME FUNDRAISING and the teachers always thank us for making it so easy to raise more money than any other fundraiser.


Your Propel Fundraising Coach guides you toward the best product for your needs.  All of our products are proven to drive big fundraising profits. 


Your coach will explain the role that product pricing plays in your success.  Everything we offer is based on nationwide statistics and over a decade of experience in the northern and southern California fundraising markets.


Everything we do--and we mean everything--is designed to help you maximize profit.  We know that the less you have to fundraise the happier you are, so it makes more sense to have one big fundraiser than a half a dozen fundraisers with very little profit. 


The largest portion of the profit per unit sold goes to your program.  Our products offer between 40% to 70% profit.  

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Our friendly and knowledgable fundraising coach

is ready to show you how to make fundraising easier.

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