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Not a discount card.

       Not a coupon card.

    ShoppingBoss is a CASH BACK program

                             like nothing you've seen before.


Bring New Power to Your Fundraising

with These National Merchants and Many, Many More.




Movies Tickets

   Concerts Tickets

Sports Tickets


Ariline Tickets

   Car Rentals


Vacation Deals

Over 200 national merchants are giving cash back on dining, shopping, movies,

entertainment, and travel. 

Partnering with the biggest national brands makes your fundraising easier. Instead of discounts, consumers shop in-store and online and receive an average of 6% cash back on their purchases.  

And, here’s the best part… Your group receives residual income year after year!


What coaches, teachers, and fundraising organizers are saying...

We switched from our discount card

for 2 reasons.  (1) the national logos helped us sell more, and (2) we will get a check next year before we start our fundraiser.

What consumers are saying...

After just 6 months

I've received $175 back from movie tickets, dining, and Christmas shopping.​​

I'm buying one every year.

I was intimidated at first

but wanted to support my granddaughter.  Now I use it 1-2 times a week and have redeemed over $85.​​

I use it for business travel

and have racked up $100's from American Airlines and Southwest alone.​​

I can't believe how many cards we sold.

I was a little nervous to switch from cookie dough, but we raised more money with ShoppingBoss than any other fundraiser we've done.

Here's How It Works

Here's What Users Say

Consumers use  ShoppingBoss for day-to-day purchases

Enjoy National Brands in-store and online

ShoppingBoss contacts Consumers after 1 year to renew

Happy Shoppers renew their subscription

And receive lots of cash back

And, your group makes money again... with no work!!!

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