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Youth Football & Cheer

Let's face it...
  Registration fees alone
              are not enough money
       to operate a
               youth football & cheer league
Your Board of Directors face a financial challenge:
  • You can't raise registration fees in fear of losing athletes to other leagues.
  • You have no choice but to fundraise, however, you want to avoid complaints.
Allow us to let you in on a little secret... 
Every single league.
We created a solution.
Our fundraising program for youth football and cheer leagues makes fundraising easier for board members and the families in your league.
Here are the highlights
  • Our program guarantees the amount of money you'll earn in 2 weeks... No Guessing
  • Every family decides how much or how little they fundraise... Reduce Board Hassles
  • Families that don't want to fundraise have an opt-out option... Something for Everyone
  • There is no risk and no out of pocket expense for the league... Peace of Mind

Allow us to addess

The Pink Elephant

in the room

Youth Football & Cheer League Earnings

Based on a 14 day fundraiser

Small Programs (100-150 athletes)

$8,500 - $14,000

Medium Programs (150-250 athletes)

$12,000 - $23,000

Large Programs (250-500 athletes)

$21,000 - $47,000

We are fully aware that this sounds to good to be true.


We also know that things that are to good to be true are often not true.


Our program works and we can explain it quite easily in a short converation. 


If you are tasked with finding an easier way to fundraise, you owe it to yourself to check us out.  Our fundraising coach will walk you through the program and be happy to present to your board.


And, as it says on every page of our website, you will NEVER experience "sales guy" pressure from our company.


Call or email today!

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