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Compete, travel, equip, and more!

Our fundraising program is tailor made for high groups.

School Wide 

Equipment, fields and courts, travel, entry fee, uniforms.  These are just some of expenses our schools and districts cannot afford to cover.  Propel's Game Plan Fundraising Program makes fundraising easier and more profitable with little-to-no need for parent volunteers.

Registration Alone is Not Enough.

From recreation to competitive travel teams and leagues, the questions is "what is the fastest and easiest way to raiser money?"

all the work, all the hassles removed 

The Goal...

Raise enough money in 1 or 2 fundraisers

So you don't have run one

after another... after another

The Key to Success...


We have changed the fundraising game

By making it a game!

Why Our Program Works

Our program starts with making fundraising easier for the board and organizers.

Our Fundraising Coach and step-by-step program guides and manages your fundraiser.  Our fun and competitive game engages athletes and families and drives big profits to your team or league.

   Learn More from our friendly Fundraising Coach
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